Import & Export of all commodities

We undertake import export services in any and all types of commodities such as rice, sugar, several types of pulses, serials, grams, flower seeds, etc.

Data Centre & Cloud Services

We provide accounting services to foreign company from India. We also provide IT and IT enabled services to our foreign clients and customers based in India.

Shipping and Documentation

Our shipping outsourcing service clears a way through the export import documentation maze, helping clients understand the terms & conditions in international trade, avoid costly misunderstandings and ensure compliance with all documentation requirements for worldwide shipping.
Samrin also assists in researching the information necessary to authenticate goods' country of origin and to arrange the legal documents required for international shipping. Typically, our involvement is to collect invoices and packing lists for presentation to the distribution company so that the appropriate shipping document can be issued, whether the goods are to be moved by sea, air, trailer, courier/post or rail.
We have an experienced staff has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through the documentation process and create the documents on your behalf. Allowing us to act on your behalf when it comes to documentation preparation is just one way that you can depend on Samrin to make your shipping process streamlined.

Quality Control Service

Samrin Services helps our clients to create value and build a change through our unique range of consulting services to support and enhance your Quality Assurance and Control initiatives. We offer to assist them in establishing and managing overseas operations, and in the re-engineering and quality control management of existing operations.
From pre-production to loading supervision, Samrin has a complete suite of Quality Assurance solutions to meet your needs. These can be anything from a one-off inspection to complete full-time staffing for quality control management.
Whether your needs are for sourcing, manufacturing, quality management, business development, or re-engineering your quality processes, we will guide you to cope with the complexity of doing business. Our depth of knowledge, experience, and local reach can be the support you need to limit risk and achieve your goals. We provide the early detection of defects, quick resolution, and support of on-time delivery.

Finance & Accounting

Samrin Services LLP is perfectly suited to help your company transform into a high-performance organization that streamlines processes, maintains compliance and cuts costs. We comprise of a dedicated and experienced team that is ready to take on the role of your accounts department. Our unparallel range of specialist industry knowledge provides comfort that all day-to-day to complex transactions are accounted for correctly. Our team aims to deliver a solution that standardizes financial service processes, transforms finance operations and lowers costs.

Purchase Management

We assist you with Purchase & Inventory Management that automates and examines your procurement process thereby optimizing your total purchase and inventory workflow. We do outsourcing as well as provide support to our trading sector including the import export companies as well for the entire purchase workflow from product request, through purchasing activities and receiving the goods, as well as the entire inventory workflow.